K.P.'s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

May 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 3

K.P.'s Corner

Imagine you are packing your bag, preparing to take a one-way trip to another part of the country. You get on a train, travel about 1,500 miles and end up in a colony of run-down shacks—and you are going to live there.

Where you’ll be staying, you have no running water, no bathroom and no guarantee of safety. You are there to serve leprosy patients, helping them bathe, cutting their hair, cleaning their wounds and feeding them. You will experience suffering, physical and emotional, but through your sacrifice, these people will know Christ’s love for them.

Last December, more than 100 women from our Sisters of Compassion program faced situations like this one. After receiving six months of training for special compassion ministry among people like leprosy patients, slum dwellers, widows and abandoned children, these women travelled to the challenging areas where God has called them, committing three years of their lives to minister in this way. They are willing to sacrifice their comfort, ambitions and hopes to serve those whom their society sees as the lowest of the low.

Even though you and I are not serving in the same way these missionaries are, we have the privilege to play a small part in their ministry. I rejoice to see that these women and others, like Minati, are sharing the hope of Christ among people who were once perishing without ever knowing He loves them.

I'm excited to watch our sisters in Asia embracing the precious call God has placed on their lives. As they work together with their brothers in Christ to share His love, women like Mayuri are experiencing the hope and grace of the Lord.

You, my friend, are helping to make these stories possible. Through your prayers and generosity, God’s light is shining among some of the world’s most oppressed and unreached groups—including Asia’s women. Thank you for continuing to labour with us to bring Christ’s healing, restoration and transformation to millions of hungry souls. I hope you are encouraged thinking of the day when we will get to stand together with them in the presence of our Lord!

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