Tract Results in Life-Changing Phone Call
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 4

Tract Results in Life-Changing Phone Call

Seva, a wife and mother of four, shares the impact of one little piece of paper:

“I had been suffering with typhoid for five years. For my treatment we had gone to doctors, but I did not find any relief. When the doctors did a checkup, they were not able to find any sickness in me. At last we went to a magician whose advertisement we had seen on the television. He charged us a big amount of money. There also I was not healed.

“There was a shrine in our house. We had buried my husband’s father’s body in the shrine, where we used to pour oil to worship the spirits. He was a witchcraft doctor. My father-in-law’s pupil told us that my father-in-law, who was dead, wanted some service from us. Therefore we buried our father’s dead body in our home and were worshiping it. Our condition turned worse, and we were very afraid. We again went to the witch doctor. There was no relief. I thought that there was no god at all.

“One day, some people [gave] us some literature. I read the tract and saw a phone number on that tract. … A little ray of hope came to our hearts. We dialed the phone number in the tract and shared all our problems through the phone. That was Gospel for Asia pastor Harsukh. He prayed for us over the phone. He invited us to church.

“For the first time, we heard the Word of God in the service. … Having faith in our hearts, we continued to come to Sunday services. As our faith increased, our problems began to decrease. We conducted prayer meetings at our home. God’s servant earnestly prayed for me, and I was delivered completely. We [took out] the shrine from our house, and the dead body was removed. I put my trust in Jesus Christ. Now we are happy in the Lord.”

Thank you for sharing Christ’s love with people like Seva. One day, you’ll find out whose hands—and lives—your generosity has touched.

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