Parents Listen to Son, Miracle Follows
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 6

Parents Listen to Son, Miracle Follows

Thet Myaing had never fully recovered from a bout of malaria that paralyzed his left leg. Now, because Thet’s parents couldn’t afford to take him to a hospital, the boy was languishing from the lingering disease.

Staff Member Determined to Help

When this news reached Win Shein, the coordinator of the GFA Bridge of Hope centre where Thet studies, Win borrowed money so he could take Thet to the hospital.

After one week at the hospital, Thet’s condition only grew worse, so his parents took him home. Win didn’t give up hope, though. Along with some other believers, he asked Thet’s parents if he could pray for Thet. At first they refused.

But their hearts softened when Thet said, “In [the Bridge of Hope] centre, we have been taught always that Jesus is Healer. If they pray for me, I believe Jesus can heal my sickness.”

Hearing this, Thet’s parents allowed Win and the other believers to pray for the boy. The believers interceded for Thet at his home, and they kept praying for him over the next week. Gradually, Thet was able to eat and walk. After one month, God had completely healed him of malaria!

Hope for the Future

Now free from sickness, Thet attends the Bridge of Hope centre regularly to learn from the teaching and guidance of Win and the other staff members.

In addition to restoring Thet’s health, the Lord also filled his parents with a desire to learn about Christ. They started going to church on special occasions, and Thet has been attending Sunday school and worship services occasionally for the past two years. He enjoys learning songs and Bible lessons.

Having experienced Christ’s love through the Bridge of Hope staff, Thet says, “When I grow up, I want to help and work with children who are in need like me.”

By supporting Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope, you are helping Thet and thousands more children receive education and physical provision. Even better, you are also pointing them to the God of healing and restoration. Thank you!

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