‘I Don’t Have Extraordinary Power to Heal’
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 7

‘I Don’t Have Extraordinary Power to Heal’

Pastor Payas lived in a region where most people, entrenched in their own religions, didn't want to hear about Jesus. Pastor Payas had been sharing the Good News for about six years before a handful of people embraced Christ’s love and a small fellowship started in his village. Within a year, the GFA pastor would see this fellowship change dramatically.

It started when Pastor Payas’ story intersected with that of a young couple who lived less than two miles away. Sartaj and Sukthi had the blessing of welcoming a baby boy into the world, but after some time, their joy turned to concern. They noticed their child couldn't move his legs or hands—he was paralyzed.

Pastor Prays for Paralyzed Infant

When doctors couldn't help Sartaj and Sukthi’s baby, the couple lost hope for his healing—until they heard about a Christian prayer meeting in a village nearby.

The couple went to the prayer meeting one Friday night and there met Pastor Payas. When they told him about their son’s condition, he replied, “I don’t have extraordinary power to heal, but only through Jesus Christ can your child be healed.”

He encouraged them to believe in the Lord, and with faith taking root in their hearts, Sartaj and Sukthi asked Pastor Payas to come see their baby.

Immediately, the pastor and his wife left with the couple. When they saw the frail 8-month-old and heard him groaning in pain, they were deeply moved. Pastor Payas’ wife took the child on her lap and wept, and Pastor Payas prayed for God to do a miracle.

For seven days, Pastor Payas and his wife fasted and prayed with Sartaj and Sukthi for the baby’s health. Then God answered. The baby was healed, and Sartaj and Sukthi decided to follow Jesus.

As they grew in Christ, He filled them with joy and peace—a peace that kept them strong even when they faced persecution. Only two months after Sartaj and Sukthi found new life in Jesus, religious extremists barred them and other new believers from using the local well, and not long afterward, they kicked Sartaj and Sukthi out of the village altogether.

An Explosion of Growth

Despite this painful chapter in their lives, Sartaj and Sukthi were able to move to Pastor Payas’ village, and God has used their story to orchestrate amazing growth in the small fellowship there. As people heard of their baby’s healing, many people began joining the believers for prayer and worship. Pastor Payas continued praying and fasting for transformation in the community, and God continued performing miracles. In less than one year, Pastor Payas’ flock grew from 6 people to approximately 50!

Through the faithfulness and compassion of national missionaries like Pastor Payas, God’s light is spreading to thousands more villages throughout South Asia, and your support is making this possible. Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters in Asia to reach many people like Sartaj and Sukthi.

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