Woman Insults Missionary, Then Ponders His Words
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 7

Woman Insults Missionary, Then Ponders His Words

Mita lashed Pastor Jameson with her words, but he simply smiled. Her reaction wasn’t surprising—most of the people in Pastor Jameson’s community didn’t listen to him, convinced he worshipped a foreign God.

What Gospel for Asia pastor Jameson didn’t know, however, was that soon this same woman would be telling other people the same message he’d shared with her.

Disdain for a ‘Foreign God’

Since her husband had passed away, Mita, 40, lived with her two unmarried children, and the three of them survived off her son’s meagre income.

When Mita met Pastor Jameson, he told her about the Bible. She thought the pastor was speaking nonsense, promoting a religion for low-class people, but she didn’t say much then. After a few conversations with Pastor Jameson, though, Mita could no longer put up with his talk about Jesus.

“I have been listening to you, and I see that you are old enough to know what is right and wrong,” she said. “Why is it that you allowed yourself to be deceived by Christian people with their words and forgot about your origin, about your forefathers’ gods? You are a bad example for others, especially for the youth.”

But Pastor Jameson prayed silently and, with a smile, gently explained why he had put his faith in Christ. After this encounter, Mita began thinking deeply about the things she’d heard from the pastor. The more she pondered his message about Jesus and His Word, the more she believed that Jesus was God. Convicted of her wrongdoings, she decided to follow Christ.

When her children found out, they were puzzled, but after learning more about Jesus from Pastor Jameson, they also believed in Him and embraced His love. The family was filled with joy as they began attending church and praying together.

Spreading the Warmth of God’s Love

Pastor Jameson soon demonstrated that he cared not only about the family’s spiritual needs but also about their physical needs. Knowing the family’s difficult financial situation, Pastor Jameson began thinking about how he could help provide for their needs. He arranged for Mita to receive a gift through GFA’s Christmas gift distribution program. At the next distribution event, Mita received a warm blanket to her great joy.

“I am so happy to know that the Lord not only loves me but also cares for me and does not want me to suffer in the winter,” she said. “How could I repay the love of God? I am so blessed to have a risen Saviour who knows and cares for my needs.”

Filled with gratitude for all God had done, Mita started sharing her faith with others. After experiencing the love of God through a GFA missionary and the gift of a blanket, this woman who had once scoffed at the Good News became a witness for Christ!

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