Alcoholic Brewer Infused with New Life
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 1

Alcoholic Brewer Infused with New Life

Thet Nu cried for help as she ran from the murderous charge of her husband. He had been sampling his own brew again, and it wasn’t long before he picked up a knife to attack her. Her neighbours came to her aid— not for the first time—and eventually Ohnmar settled down.

Ohnmar took care of his family by making and selling rice beer. But like many local brewers, Ohnmar was his own biggest customer. It was not unusual for this 62-year-old man to get raging drunk, only to instigate problems with his wife and other villagers. Turmoil filled this troubled family, and it seemed Ohnmar would always be an alcoholic.

The Prayers of a Pastor

Gospel for Asia pastor Myo Zaw had a burden to share the hope of Jesus with the people in Ohnmar’s village and prayed for them regularly. One day, God gave him a unique opportunity to clearly explain Christ’s love for all people.

Myo Zaw hosted three days and nights of prayer and sharing from the Word of God. The pastor welcomed any to attend. Ohnmar heard about this through his neighbour and decided to go. He stayed through every moment.

He watched Myo Zaw pray to Jesus and saw several people receive healing. He heard him read from the powerful Word of God. And when Myo Zaw explained more about Jesus, Ohnmar was fascinated.

By the end of the third day, Ohnmar broke down in tears and confessed his sins to the Lord. Unable to contain himself, he shouted out, “Jesus, forgive me!”

Changed Lives

And Jesus did. Ohnmar stopped making and drinking alcohol and starting walking with Jesus instead. It didn’t take long for Thet Nu to notice the transformation in her husband, one she desired for her life as well. Now, through Ohnmar’s testimony and Pastor Myo Zaw’s regular visits, several other families have also embraced the same life-changing love of Jesus.

Thanks to the prayers and support of men and women like you, God is opening doors and transforming lives through dedicated missionaries like Pastor Myo Zaw. God used him to change Ohnmar’s life. Now, in the same village where he once brewed alcohol and chased his wife, Ohnmar pursues the living God.

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