Pull Cart Leads Many to the Provider
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 1

Pull Cart Leads Many to the Provider

Rehan lived a life of hopeless toil, never earning enough to provide for his wife and three children. They sheltered under a roof with no walls, and Rehan couldn’t provide his children with a balanced diet.

When Rehan’s nephew, whose legs were paralyzed, began to walk after a Christian prayed for him, Rehan wondered if this God named Jesus could change his own life. With this hope, Rehan started attending the local fellowship led by GFA pastor Mudita.

Faith Grows, Prayer Avails

Rehan’s faith in Christ grew, but he still struggled financially. When Pastor Mudita learned about the family’s situation, he spurred Rehan to trust in Christ for provision, sharing about God’s love and goodness. Encouraged, Rehan began praying for his family every day.

The next year, Rehan and his family made a decision to follow Christ wholeheartedly, and they saw God answer their prayers when they received an unexpected and timely gift: a pull cart given through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalogue.

Rehan began using the pull cart to earn income, and every day he would start his work by thanking God for his gift. Then he’d take orders from shopkeepers to deliver items from the wholesale market to them.

Blessings Overflow From Pull Cart

Through this new source of income, Rehan was able to give his children nutritious food, send them to a good school, buy a milk cow and finally build a house. As neighbours became curious about the family’s improved living standard, Rehan testified of how Jesus helped his family.

One day, while Rehan was heading to the market, a man asked how he’d gotten a pull cart. After Rehan shared about the goodness of Jesus and the compassion of the church, God touched the man’s heart. He and his family decided to follow Christ, and now they are part of the local fellowship as well.

Through the pull cart, God has filled Rehan’s family—and many others— with joy.

“Now my family is running smoothly, and I am blessed through the vehicle that the Lord has provided to me,” Rehan says. “My family and I are happy in the fellowship of God’s people.”

Thank you for giving gifts like this pull cart. Through your generosity, families like Rehan’s are finding lasting hope in Christ!

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