Man Receives Water Filter and Mercy
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 3

Man Receives Water Filter and Mercy

Each day, Kaamil’s family drank contaminated water because they didn’t have a pure water source. Then GFA pastor Padman invited them to an event where they would receive a BioSand water filter.

There, Kaamil listened intently as a GFA staff person shared about Christ’s love for all people. Afterward, he walked up to Pastor Padman.

“Why are you doing all these things?” he asked.

Pastor Padman shared about God’s love, given so freely to us. He began visiting Kaamil to share more. Slowly, Kaamil realized he’d been offered something much greater than clean water, and he responded in gratitude to God’s provision of mercy and grace.

“Along with the BioSand water filter, Jesus Christ also entered my house,” Kaamil says. “The filter provided me with pure water, and at the same time, Jesus Christ provided me a clean heart.”

Thank you for giving the gift of pure water so many can have the opportunity to receive God’s mercy and grace.

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