Praying Granddaughter Refuses to Give Up Hope
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 3

Praying Granddaughter Refuses to Give Up Hope

Dakshina watched her family in utter disbelief. Her grandfather lay in bed, paralyzed and in pain. Her parents, Daaruk and Priyam, spent all of their earnings to treat his condition; they even gave a pig, a goat and a chicken to the local witchdoctor as offerings. None of these sacrifices worked, and Dakshina’s grandfather was still unable to move. Daaruk and Priyam lost all hope, but Dakshina knew Someone who could help.

Childlike Faith Amidst Parents’ Anger

Dakshina attended a Bridge of Hope centre where she learned many things about the God named Jesus. When she heard the story from John 5 where Jesus heals a lame man, it intrigued Dakshina. She wanted to know more about the Bible. She prayed every morning, asking God to heal her grandfather as He did the lame man she heard about.

But Dakshina couldn’t share what she knew about Jesus with her family. She was too afraid of what they might do.

When Daaruk and Priyam finally found out their daughter prayed to Jesus, it made them furious. They beat Dakshina and said she could no longer attend the Bridge of Hope centre. When her teachers found out about this, they encouraged Daaruk and Priyam to allow their daughter to continue going to the Bridge of Hope centre, assuring them her studies were improving, and the education of Bridge of Hope was unlocking a brighter future for her.

Dakshina’s parents still wouldn’t let her go, but that didn’t shake the girl’s faith. She continued to pray for her grandfather, finding her only hope in Jesus.

An Answer to Her Prayers

Days later, Dakshina noticed her grandfather moving his hands and legs. The Lord had healed him! Daaruk and Priyam realized this miracle had happened through their daughter’s faith in Jesus and her continuous prayers. They let Dakshina go back to the Bridge of Hope centre, where she is continuing to receive a quality education from the caring staff.

By experiencing Jesus’ love at Bridge of Hope, Dakshina delighted in Him more each day and believed Him for great things. Now her family knows Jesus can do the impossible, and they no longer oppose her faith. Through your prayers and generosity toward Bridge of Hope, more children and their families are encountering the Great Physician and His compassion and love. Thank you for your support!

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