Saved Twice to Save Others
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 4

Saved Twice to Save Others

Peter tumbled through the river’s raging current, head and limbs cresting above the waters, while his friends frantically ran after him along the riverbank, seeking some way to rescue him.

When Peter came near the edge, his comrades pulled him out.

“It was a miracle that I was saved,” Peter says.

At the time, he didn’t realize God had more miracles in store for his life.

From the Brink of Death

Peter had a job as a truck driver for a delivery company, but sickness often left him unable to work. Over time, the young man’s health took a turn for the worse.

First he found stones in his urine. Then his abdomen ached unbearably. Soon he couldn’t leave his bed. His body shrivelled, and he lost control of his bodily functions, leaving him hopeless.

Death approached, but so did his brother, David. Like the rest of his family, Peter’s brother was a Christian. When David visited and saw Peter in such a pathetic state, he told Peter the Lord could heal him and prayed.

Despite his Christian heritage, Peter didn’t think any god was powerful enough to heal him. But over the next month, as David and his pastor prayed, God showed Himself as the One able to save a man from death.

Seeing Jesus heal him, Peter believed there truly was a God—a God who could heal. He decided to follow Him and soon enrolled in a Bible college, where he learned more about Jesus.

One-Legged Cot Shows Humble Heart

After he graduated, Peter moved into a slum as a Gospel for Asia supported missionary. God gave him a tremendous love for those who lived in such urban squalor, and he made the choice to live at the same economic level as the people he ministered to. When his cot lost three legs, he supported the corners with bricks instead of spending money on a new bed.

One day, some men accused him of paying people money to become Christians. Peter took these men into his home and showed them his possessions.

“If I had money to offer them, I wouldn’t have a cot [like this],” he said.

Nevertheless, these men wrote a negative article about Peter in the paper and threatened him. For about a month, Peter lived on the flat roof of his home, afraid of attacks in the night.

Though Peter’s parents encouraged him to leave the slum, Peter refused.

“This life was given by the Lord, and I will never turn back,” he said. “No matter what happens, I will continue here.”

And the Lord honoured his faithfulness.

Freed from Twisted Hands

Not far from Peter’s slum lived a man named Bishnu with his wife, Amolika. Every month, Amolika’s hands and face twisted beyond her control. Amolika’s father, a witch doctor, did all he could to save his daughter from this torment, but nothing helped.

Bishnu’s brothers told him to take Amolika to Pastor Peter’s church for prayer, but Bishnu didn’t want to. However, when Amolika’s father told Bishnu he should call the pastor for prayer, Bishnu finally agreed.

Pastor Peter soon arrived with other believers and came to see Bishnu at his home.

“I am giving my daughter into your hands,” Amolika’s father told Peter.

“Do not give her into my hands, but submit her to Jesus,” Peter said, directing them instead to the One who had saved him in the past.

Peter and the believers prayed for Amolika from morning until evening, and God set her free that night.

Witnessing this miracle, Bishnu, Amolika and her father all decided they wanted to follow Jesus, the great rescuer.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for national missionaries like Peter. God is using the life and testimony of Peter to reach countless men and women like Bishnu and Amolika, people who have come to understand the love of the God who saved Peter—twice.

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