Clean Water Flows from Rocks
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 1

Clean Water Flows from Rocks

The water was dirty. She could see it. Even though it flowed from a well in town, she knew the water wasn’t safe. People in the village often struggled with diarrhea, vomiting and unexplained fevers. Chandrima, like many others in the area, was well aware the water caused it. But she didn’t have any other options. Her family needed the water, even if it made them sick.

Woman Trades Burdens for Cement Box

One afternoon, Chandrima unexpectedly met a Gospel for Asia- supported pastor named Harshad and invited him to her home to meet with her husband and children. Chandrima poured out her anxieties about the water in town, something that troubled her greatly. Pastor Harshad, in turn, shared about the One he knew who has the answer to all of life’s troubles: Jesus.

Pastor Harshad left that day wanting to help this family. During one of his later visits, he told them about BioSand water filters. How do they work? Chandrima’s family wondered. Pastor Harshad explained: One simply pours water into the filter every day (a filter comprised of rocks and sand in a concrete box), and the water comes out 98 percent pure. It would smell nicer, taste better and not make them sick like the unfiltered water in town had been doing. As they excitedly asked him more questions, Pastor Harshad pointed their attention to Jesus—the Giver of all good gifts.

“The Lord has a plan for your family to live a healthy life and to bless you,” he shared. “He loves you.”

Clean Water and Joyful Hearts

When Pastor Harshad was able to give Chandrima’s family a BioSand water filter a few weeks later—thanks to the donations of someone like you—they were overjoyed. As they used their new filter, they quickly realized how true the pastor’s words were—the water was clean!

Today, this once-struggling family enjoys listening to the pastor and learning from him, and just as they once asked questions about how a box of rocks could clean their water, they have begun asking questions about how God could clean their hearts. Thank you for helping to make stories like this possible.

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