Short Stories
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 1

Short Stories

In every issue of Harvest, we want to help you see what you are part of through your prayers and support. We hope these short reports from the field give you quick glimpses into the lives of several men and women whom we, together, have been able to touch through Christmas gifts. Thank you for your heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this way!

Pig Sends Girl to School

When Firaki’s husband died, the poor widow struggled to provide for her two children. A physical handicap made walking difficult, and work was a daily struggle. But she knew the love of Jesus and looked to Him to take care of her.

One year, she received a piglet through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift catalogue. Over time, the piglet grew into a healthy adult pig, and when Firaki sold it, the profits provided enough to care for her needs and send her daughter to a training course to help her get a good job. Grateful, Firaki gave some of the profits as a thank-offering to the Lord.

Bicycle Removes Pastor’s Burden

Goral’s feet thudded on the ground under the heavy weight of a projector, generator and the other equipment he carried with him. He was on his way to a film showing in a remote village in South Asia. Goral loved sharing the movie about Jesus’ life and ministry on earth, but carrying more than 75 pounds of equipment tired him out. Goral often prayed for a bicycle to help him in his ministry, and one day, through a donation to Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift catalogue, Goral received one!

Goral uses his bike as a push-cart to carry the equipment to more than 15 villages each month, and he rides it to visit Christians in the area and pray with them.

New Roof, Softened Heart

The thatched roof on Kamana’s mud-and- bamboo hut provided little shelter from the storms outside, while every day, a different type of storm raged inside. For three years, Kamana’s husband opposed her faith in Jesus. She often prayed Jesus would change his heart. Meanwhile, Kamana’s pastor found out her roof needed some help. Thanks to a donation through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift catalogue, he was able to give her some tin sheets that would make a stronger covering.

Kamana’s husband was surprised at God’s provision and the generosity of His people. Because of this, he has stopped opposing his wife’s faith in Christ.

Gift Answers Father’s Prayer

Ruchir’s wife often fell sick, and trying to care for her and their 2-year-old daughter on less than $2 per day was a tremendous challenge for the 28-year-old carpenter.

Ruchir had met Jesus through a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor and continually prayed for a better job to care for his family. His greatest hope was to have a rickshaw.

When his pastor gave gifts to bless 20 people in Ruchir’s village, Ruchir’s prayers were answered! The rickshaw increased his income, helping ease the family’s financial burdens. Today, he joyfully contributes back to the Lord’s work because of what God has done for him.

Sewing Hope for a Widow

In Pastor Ramra’s church was a poor widow named Panini, who spent her days earning meagre wages to care for her four children. She washed other people’s dishes, swept their floors and cleaned their homes.

Then Panini, who already knew how to sew, was overjoyed when pastor Ramra was able to give her a sewing machine through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift catalogue. She began stitching clothes for herself, her children and others in her village. Her income quickly increased, and now she can better provide for her family.

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