K.P.’s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 2

K.P.’s Corner

Can you imagine how grateful Sameena is for the radio broadcast that helps her learn more about Jesus every day? How grateful do you think she would be if she found out about all of the people throughout the world who have given to help fund that daily broadcast? If she knew all of these people or ever met them in person, I don’t think she could ever fully express her thankfulness.

I think that is true for each of the people you read about in this issue of Harvest. If any of us knew the full extent of all that the Lord did to bring about our sanctification, I don’t think we could ever thank Him enough, or the faithful men and women He used!

One day we will all stand around the throne of God, and maybe then we’ll begin to understand all God has done through our lives, our prayers and our sacrifices. I think people you have never met will come up to you, people from the many tribes and tongues and nations of South Asia, and they will say “thank you.”

I think we’ll see Sameena, Satwik, Mishti and Madhuk there that day—along with myriads of others. Can you just imagine what they might say?

“You never knew me, but you prayed for me.” “You helped send the pastor who shared the love of Jesus

with me.” “You had no idea who I was, but you gave me the opportunity for new life.” “Your prayers and tears for South Asia gave me strength to keep pressing on.”

My brothers and my sisters, it is my prayer that each of the stories in Harvest will encourage your heart and give you a glimpse of all the Lord is doing through you. I hope they remind you of how much God has done and how much we have to thank Him for. Thank you for changing lives.

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