6-Year-Old Flees Hatred, Finds Love
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 4

6-Year-Old Flees Hatred, Finds Love

At 6 years old, Vairat has already faced intense hatred. He knows hunger, loneliness, pain, abuse and hardship. He knows what it means to fend for himself. He knows what life is like for an abandoned and runaway child.

Vairat was 4 years old when his father died of tuberculosis. His mother remarried almost immediately, and his stepfather made life horrible for the little boy. Many times he put Vairat in a room, closed the door and beat him without provocation.

“My mother made me leave the house for no reason,” Vairat recalls. “Many times I went out and wandered, and when I returned back, they beat me with the stick.”

Unable to cope with his stepfather’s brutality and his mother’s rejection, Vairat ran away from home and started wandering the streets of a big city. His parents never contacted the authorities or filed a missing-child report.

Taken In and Cared For

After Vairat had been wandering the city streets with other abandoned and runaway children, he was found by the police. They helped enroll him in a Gospel for Asia-supported street children’s home, House of Hope.

In the presence of the caring staff, surrounded by dozens of other boys with their own troubled histories, 6-year-old Vairat now knows what it’s like to be loved by Christ. The staff at the children’s home feed him, clothe him, pray for him and encourage him daily. They even enrolled Vairat in school—something he had never once dreamed of. And he loves it.

The staff at the home describe Vairat as a smart and observant child who is very sweet in his conduct and respectful of others. He happily sings songs about God, recites Scripture verses and prays to Jesus—the One who showed him love through the hands and hearts of the House of Hope staff.

Thank you for standing with Gospel for Asia to see ministries like House of Hope go forward. Through your prayers and support, children who have known hatred, abuse and sorrow are now experiencing Christ’s love.

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