She Was 25 and Couldn’t Read
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 4

She Was 25 and Couldn’t Read

When the prayers of a GFA-supported pastor and the local congregation freed Mirgakshi’s father from his strange behaviour and inexplicable health issues, Mirgakshi and her family fell in love with Christ. They began attending the church Pastor Paras led so they could learn more about their Saviour and what it meant to follow Him.

Soon, she found out the Sunday school teacher at Pastor Paras’ church would be hosting a literacy class three days a week. Mirgakshi eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

Like almost half the women in her village, Mirgakshi didn’t know how to read. She was 25 years old and had never stepped foot inside a classroom. Knowing God’s power, she asked for His help to learn how to read and write. Within a year’s time, she saw that prayer answered. Today, Mirgakshi can read the Bible, and she shares what she reads with her children. Her joy knows no bounds.

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