Forsaken Mother Loved by the Church
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 6

Forsaken Mother Loved by the Church

Receiving a blanket once seemed impossible for women like Nidhyana, or this woman pictured who suffers from leprosy.

Nidhyana couldn’t stop shivering. With no blanket to retain her body heat, the 65-year-old woman found it difficult to stay warm when the winter weather blew in. She thought of her two sons, for whom she had cared all these years. Surely they would remember their mother now.

But as the sharp wind cut into her skin, Nidhyana knew better. The children she loved had forsaken her. She was alone.

Abandoned by her sons, Nidhyana lived her days in sadness until some Gospel for Asia-supported pastors visited her village. The believers distributed blankets to the poor and elderly, sharing with them the love of Christ. Nidhyana eagerly responded when she realized how much Jesus loved her. She thanked the pastors for their kindness among the downtrodden.

“My two sons did not give me a blanket in my old age,” she says, “but [the church] provides me with a blanket.”

Nidhyana knows she is loved because the Lord used someone like you to provide for her basic needs. Thank you for being a blessing to the people of Asia!

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