A Jesus Well Was the Ticket!
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

December 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 8

A Jesus Well Was the Ticket!

Even when no one wants to listen to them, pastors like Kundan are eager to help their communities with their daily problems, such as the lack of clean water. This well, like the one in Pastor Kundan’s village, is a testimony of Jesus’ care for the poor and needy.

When Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Kundan and his family first came to Antim’s village, Antim, like everyone else, wasn’t interested in what he had to say.

But Pastor Kundan didn’t just talk about Jesus’ love—he lived it out. Just as Jesus reached out with hands of compassion toward the hurting and destitute, even feeding thousands of people, Pastor Kundan wanted to help the people in Antim’s village. One day, he saw an opportunity.

A Jesus Well Meets Their Need

Many people in Antim’s village struggled to get adequate, clean water for drinking and cooking. When Pastor Kundan saw this need, he contacted his leaders about installing a Jesus Well. Before long, thanks to the donations of friends of Gospel for Asia, they were able to drill one.

This Jesus Well piqued Antim’s interest, and he realized there was more to this visiting pastor than just words.

One day, Antim struck up a conversation with Pastor Kundan and began asking him questions—questions Pastor Kundan could answer. As their friendship grew, Pastor Kundan shared with him from the Word of God and encouraged him to pray. Although Antim had heard the name of Jesus before, he didn’t know the Saviour’s love and had never met someone so passionately in love with Jesus before.

A Growing Love

Over time, not only did Antim open up his heart to the love of the Saviour, he also opened up his home to hear Pastor Kundan share from the Word of God. More people joined Antim and Pastor Kundan to spend time with Jesus, eventually growing in number to a point where they began praying about building a permanent church building in which to worship God. Praise the Lord!

“In the beginning of my ministry,” Pastor Kundan reflects, “I thought I would not be able to work in this place. … But today I am very much thankful to God, who used my life to start His ministry here. … It is not because of me or anyone, but it is all because of [the] infinite love of Jesus Christ.”

Thank you for your prayers and support to see more people understand the infinite love of Christ.

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