Orphaned Dishwasher Goes to School
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 1

Orphaned Dishwasher Goes to School

Like Amshu (not pictured), many children would have nothing without the help of Bridge of Hope.

A group of children played in the mud, their parents nowhere in sight. But these children should’ve been in school.

As GFA field partners visited this poor village, they quickly realized how beneficial a Bridge of Hope centre would be for the community. They talked to parents and families and prayed for all of the parts to come together, such as staff, a building and the right children.

Soon, a new centre started with 100 children, including a 6-year-old orphaned boy named Amshu. He had lost his mother to an illness when he was a toddler, and his father had died in an accident, so Amshu lived with his aunt. Unlike the other boys in his village, Amshu didn’t spend his days playing in the mud. Instead, he washed dishes for meagre wages at a nearby teashop.

But today, through Bridge of Hope, Amshu has a fresh start at life. He no longer works in the teashop and is thriving in his studies. He receives a regular, healthy meal and a lot of love from the Bridge of Hope staff.

This sort of story happens every day through the prayers and support of men and women like you. Thank you!

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