K.P.’s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 2

K.P.’s Corner

Within these pages, you’ve read testimonies of lives transformed because of compassion.

Pestanji received clean water. Rustam learned his life holds intrinsic value. Bhini experienced acceptance from God’s children that eases the burden of her leprosy.

The Lord is always compassionate. The Scripture says, “But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth” (Psalm 86:15 KJV).

The Greek word for compassion used in the New Testament has this very unique meaning: “to be moved in the inward parts,” meaning that you are deeply troubled, deep within, and it propels you to act. Its usage here is more similar to becoming second nature, like when a piece of dust or a fly tries to get into your eyes when you are driving a motorbike or you are walking along, and all of a sudden your eyelid responds instantaneously. … This impetus and the driving force deep down for compassion is the nature of God in us.

Compassion, kindness, is like an ocean. It is a continual flow. It is about being stirred within by God’s Spirit so that we are moved.

Christ is our example. He left the unimaginable riches in Heaven to bring the light of His love to a world of people in desperate need of a compassion that only He could offer. Jesus Christ, who is the perfect expression of God the Father, continually had compassion on those who surrounded Him in the streets and on the hillsides during His ministry here on earth. The Gospels are full of stories about His compassion. His very presence among us was because of His compassion for us.

Compassion is an awesome privilege, a high honour and opportunity God created in our lives. … Compassion—even in the simplicity of giving warm blankets—is a thing born of God’s love that, when nurtured and practiced, can become a way of life. And the grace of God sustains it.

Thank you for showing Christ’s compassion to the people of Asia through your partnership. May we each continue to manifest God’s nature to everyone we can.

Some of this material appeared on K.P. Yohannan’s blog on March 26, 2018. You can find the entire post at

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