Providential Meeting Helps Family Survive During Lockdown
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<p>Pastor Kilan, pictured with his family</p>

Pastor Kilan, pictured with his family

June 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 4

Providential Meeting Helps Family Survive During Lockdown

The lockdown had been going for some days when Radinka heard a knock at her door. When she opened it, there stood a masked man and woman, holding a package of food to help keep Radinka and her family from going hungry. Radinka’s heart soared as a great weight lifted.

A God-given Meeting

Radinka and her husband, Padrai, lived with their 16-year-old son in South Asia, while their two eldest children were both married and out of the house. Radinka suffered from high blood pressure, and a significant portion of Padrai’s modest income as a salesman funded her medical treatment.

A few months before the lockdown and before the pandemic was in full swing, Radinka rose early for her routine doctor’s appointment to check on her high blood pressure. The early time meant she could not eat breakfast. The clinic sometimes provided food, but it was at a cost Radinka couldn’t afford.

When Radinka walked into the clinic that day, she noticed something different. Three women mingled among the patients, offering tea and snacks. One of the women, Binta, came to Radinka with her hands filled with refreshments.

How much for a cup of tea, Radinka asked.

The food and tea were free, Binta responded, and encouraged Radinka to let her know if she wanted more.

Hearing the kind words and seeing unconditional love, Radinka knew there was something special about these women who were giving willingly of their own resources. After Radinka visited with the doctor, she walked toward Binta. Why were these women doing such a kind act, Radinka asked. She discovered Binta was the wife of the local GFA pastor, Kilan, and she had a monthly ministry to serve the people at the medical clinic.

Binta promised to visit Radinka at her home. True to her word, Binta visited Radinka later that week. Question after question, Radinka asked and Binta answered. Binta also shared that the Lord can heal all sicknesses because he cares for all people and their well-being.

Radinka paused at that. Hearing those words had somehow strengthened her and brought encouragement. Could this Jesus heal her of her high blood pressure? Binta seemed to think so. Radinka decided to visit Binta’s church. After much prayer from the congregation, Radinka received the healing she had longed for.

<p>Pastor Kilan, pictured with his family</p>

Pastor Kilan, pictured with his family

Providing for the Family

In March 2020, a month after Radinka began attending the church and rejoicing in Christ’s love, COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect across Asia. For two months, the pandemic kept them stuck in a day-to-day survival. The family’s finances thinned, and their food supply diminished by the day. Radinka grew ever more worried.

But despite her fear, Radinka had faith. Over the phone, Radinka joined in prayer meetings, staying encouraged through fellowship with other believers. Even Radinka’s husband and son joined the times of prayer.

Then came the day Radinka heard that knock at her door. It was Binta and Pastor Kilan, holding a bag filled with fresh vegetables and dry goods. She thanked the pastor and his wife profusely. Nobody else had checked in on them or offered them food.

As the lockdown continued, Radinka received food packages two more times to help her family survive. Radinka doesn’t know what would have happened if she hadn’t met Binta during that doctor’s appointment. She is thankful she did.

“God has blessed me and provided all our needs in a miraculous way,” Radinka said. “I thank Sister Binta and Pastor Kilan for their love and kindness towards us, which made me believe and trust that God cares for all people.”

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