Pastor’s Wife Achieves Seemingly Impossible Dream
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Kaleena is pictured with some other women in her literacy class.

Learning to Read and write seemed like an impossible dream until Kaleena (pictured, center) got the opportunity to attend a literacy class.

August 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 5

Pastor’s Wife Achieves Seemingly Impossible Dream

Kaleena, wife of GFA pastor Lamonta, set an example for the members of their congregation. She faithfully supported her husband, cared for their four children and excitedly attended regional events for the church, such as women’s seminars and health care training programs.

Inside, however, Kaleena struggled with embarrassment and insecurity. She felt inferior when she watched other ladies in church read God’s Word. She, the pastor’s wife, couldn’t read the Holy Scriptures. She couldn’t read at all.

I wish my parents had sent me to school so that I also could have the ability to read God’s Word and other books, Kaleena thought.

Praying for a Chance to Help Others

Kaleena’s parents had battled poverty while raising their children, and they didn’t understand the value of education. Consequently, they hadn’t sent Kaleena to school. Now she couldn’t even sign her own name.

“God, please help me to read and write,” Kaleena prayed. “I am also your servant. I will read [Your Word] and know more about You and will be able to teach others too.”

Kaleena confided her disappointment to her husband. She wanted to learn from God’s Word and read other materials so she could teach others, but she felt powerless.

Lamonta assured Kaleena that her illiteracy didn’t change his love for her.

“When you had time, you could not go to school,” he said. “Whether you know to read or write or not, I am happy with you for who you are.”

Pastor Lamonta encouraged his wife to keep praying to God about her desire to read and write. Then, one day, he got the opportunity to be part of the answer.

Prayers and Perseverance Pay Off

One day Pastor Lamonta attended a pastors’ meeting, where one of the regional church leaders shared about literacy classes the church offered. GFA workers had created a literacy curriculum, complete with workbooks, published in 13 languages.

The leader encouraged the pastors to start literacy classes to benefit women in their congregations who were illiterate, especially their wives. Overjoyed about this opportunity to help his wife and others, Pastor Lamonta immediately got to work. He asked a literate woman in the church, Madora, to help him identify the women in the congregation who would benefit from the class. Then Madora started teaching the literacy class for six women, including Kaleena.

Kaleena now knows how to read and write.

With her new ability to read and write, Kaleena (pictured) has new opportunities to read God’s Word and serve members of her congregation.

At first, Kaleena struggled to grasp the letters of the alphabet, and she became discouraged. Would she, a woman in her 40s, be able to learn?

But Kaleena persevered, asking God for help. She listened attentively in class and practiced diligently at home with her husband’s assistance. Soon, Kaleena’s seemingly impossible dream became a reality: She could read and write!

Now Kaleena can read God’s Word every day. Her new skill has helped her to lead worship at church, lead the Women’s Fellowship group and even help older people in her village who are illiterate. Before, Kaleena couldn’t even sign her own name on forms, but now she can go to the bank and help others fill out forms. Kaleena praises God she finally got the opportunity to learn, grow and serve others more effectively.

More than 240,000 women, including Kaleena, have received the chance to read and write through women’s literacy classes organized by GFA workers. Thank you for partnering with them to equip women to impact their families and communities in ways they once thought impossible.

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