A Faith Tested by Fire
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

Believer's gathering for a house dedication.

Believers gather to pray at the dedication for Yitta’s new home (pictured).

September 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 6

A Faith Tested by Fire

Surrounded by stark hospital walls, Yitta received devastating news: Her home was no more. While she had been undergoing medical treatment, an electrical fire incinerated six houses, including Yitta’s. The news sent bolts of shock through her mind. Still, the widow held on to her faith.

Leaving the hospital, Yitta returned to a mound of ashes where her house had once stood. A relative provided temporary housing, but Yitta had nothing to survive on, no funds with which to rebuild. Hurdles encumbered any path to recovery. Still, Yitta did not lose faith.

Instead, she utilized it, enlisting fellow believers to join her in prayer. Surely, God would provide.

When GFA pastor Taden learned of Yitta’s dilemma, his heart went out to her. He sought help from church leaders, and the church aided Yitta with funds to construct a new house. Yitta obtained other needed items, and within two months, construction was complete!

Joy and gratitude filled Yitta’s heart as she beheld her new home, thankful for her church and their support. She had held on to her faith, and the Lord had answered, providing for her needs and proving Himself faithful once more.

When calamity strikes, GFA workers step in and compassionately provide aid to people in need, like Yitta. Thank you for helping workers tangibly show the love of Christ to hurting people.

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