Freedom from an Unwelcome Guest
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Sisters of Compassion visiting families in need.

Sisters of Compassion minister God’s love to hurting and impoverished people, including slum residents and widows.

September 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 6

Freedom from an Unwelcome Guest

The lines on Magda’s frail face traced the story of a wearisome life. After losing her husband while still a young woman, Magda had struggled to support their daughter, Callee. When Callee eventually married, she was too distant and poor to care for her aged mother. Magda was alone, with no one to look after her, when she became ill.

Unable to keep down any food, Magda grew weak. Seeking medical care produced no results. She turned to traditional rituals and witch doctors but to no avail.

Then Magda discovered the culprit: An evil spirit was terrorizing her.

Distressed by the spirit day and night, Magda performed rituals in an effort to appease it. But her condition only worsened. Magda suffered for eight long years, with no relief in sight. She longed for companionship and comfort, but Magda’s only visitor brought torment and robbed her of any peace.

Peace at the Door

Then four bearers of peace, clad in white, came to Magda’s home. Perhaps she blinked in disbelief, surprised anyone would care enough to visit. For so long she had been overlooked, forgotten.

Magda eagerly welcomed them into her home, but she wondered who the women were and what they were doing in the village.

“We are serving the Lord and humanity,” the GFA World Sisters of Compassion told her. “We have come here to help the poor, children, widows, disabled people and all those who are in need, because Jesus Christ loves them.”

“Are you living here alone?” the Sisters asked Magda. “What about your family?”

Tears began to flow as Magda shared her lonely tale. Hearts burdened, the Sisters comforted Magda with news of God’s love and deliverance.

Deliverance? Perhaps this God could provide the deliverance she needed.

In the coming days, Magda’s new friends continued to visit her, bringing encouragement and prayer. Gradually, Magda’s faith grew.

A Dream Realized

One night, Magda dreamed the evil spirit was fleeing from her body and her home. Maybe it seemed surreal amid her slumber, but Magda awakened to discover a new reality: A peaceful home.

Woman was able to experience healing through Christ.

Magda (pictured) found deliverance in Christ and now worships Him.

God had miraculously delivered her from the evil that had invaded! Full of peace, Magda felt light and free. Perhaps unsure how to respond to her new reality, Magda went about her daily chores.

Then the second wonder occurred: Magda was able to eat, without vomiting. Magda rushed to share her good news.

“[Jesus Christ] delivered me from the powers of darkness,” Magda said. “I am so happy and excited.”

Now free, Magda has joined the local community of believers and is growing in her faith. She is no longer alone or bound. There is a new light in her wrinkled face.

Thanks to donors like you, Sisters of Compassion can bring hope and deliverance to lonely widows like Magda.

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