Couple Receives Blanket, Hope for Tomorrow
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Recipients of a blanket from GFA World

A few years after the church blessed Benecia and Danyn (pictured) with a much-needed blanket, they sought the pastor’s help when Danyn got sick with a fever.

November 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 7

Couple Receives Blanket, Hope for Tomorrow

Winter had fallen on Benecia and Danyn’s village. The young couple struggled to stay warm in their home, its mud walls doing little to shield them from the cold winds. As a farmer, Danyn made just enough to sustain himself and Benecia; he couldn’t afford to buy sufficient winter clothes. They lived with no hope for tomorrow.

GFA pastor Pattin had taken notice of their plight and gave blankets to Benecia, Danyn and many of their fellow villagers. The warmth the blankets provide would help protect the couple from winter’s low temperatures.

A couple of years passed, and Benecia watched as a fever took hold of her husband. Remembering Pastor Pattin’s kindness and compassion, she sought him for prayer. Once again experiencing warmth and love, the couple decided to attend prayer meetings at Pastor Pattin’s house. Eventually, faith in Jesus grew in their hearts, and they began to have family prayer in the mornings and evenings. What was a gift to help in their time of need turned into a gift that gave them hope for eternity.

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