A Solution for Stomachaches
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Family standing next to a BioSand Water Filter.

The pure water BioSand water filters yield can help restore the health of entire families, like Sabin’s family and the family pictured.

March 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 3

A Solution for Stomachaches

Sabin looked at the muddy water. Perhaps he hesitated before taking a gulp. It was the only water he had, and he needed water to survive. What option did he have?

No Simple Solution

A contaminated open well was the only water source in Sabin’s village. Some people in the village occasionally bought purified water, but most of them were poor labourers who couldn’t afford to continually buy water. Sabin couldn’t afford it at all. Instead, he and his family of six drank solely from the open well.

For months, Sabin and his wife suffered with stomachaches. The doctor prescribed medication, but it brought little relief. The doctor then recommended they drink pure water. It was a simple solution, but one they couldn’t afford. They were left to suffer the ill-effects of their muddy drinking water.

A Lasting Solution

But GFA pastor Keenen was working on a solution for Sabin’s family and others. Serving in Sabin’s village, Pastor Keenen recognized the community’s need for clean water. He arranged for a BioSand water filter distribution, and Sabin’s family was among the 200 families that received one.

Removing 95 percent of biological impurities, the water filter turns Sabin’s muddy water into clear, clean, refreshing water for drinking and cooking. Sabin and his wife no longer suffer from stomachaches. As Sabin invites neighbours to use their filter, this one filter benefits multiple families.

“I am so thankful to [the church] for providing our family a water filter,” Sabin says. “Really it was an urgent need. Thank you for helping us in times of need.”

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