Church Brings Aid to the People of Myanmar
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GFA Worker standing beside a woman who benefited from GFA's Disaster Relief ministry.

GFA workers risk their lives to reach out …

March 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 3

Church Brings Aid to the People of Myanmar

The cry of suffering, fear-gripped people is heard all over the land of Myanmar. Amid an intolerable situation caused by political upheaval and COVID-19 surges, GFA missionaries are doing all they can to be a source of comfort for those in grief. Pastors, youth and women from more than 400 churches in Myanmar are heavily involved in risking their lives to reach out to extend help in various ways throughout the country.

Due to the present crisis in the land, many people have lost their jobs, falling into poverty without even having a proper meal for the day. About 70 volunteers from our churches have carried food supplies to various regions, visiting house to house during the past several months and helping the neediest.

GFA workers unloading oxygen tanks to aid those aflicted by Covid-19.

More than 400 churches have helped bring aid to suffering people in Myanmar.

Adding to the unrest in the land, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused people more devastation. With no proper medication and a lack of oxygen supplies, many people have died. During this crucial juncture, our church stepped out with 80 volunteers to carry oxygen cylinders in trucks to several parts of the country and visited house to house, rescuing many people from dying due to lack of oxygen supply.

People suffered not just because of lack of oxygen but also because they could not afford treatment, medicines or food. Our volunteer team, with the help of professional doctors and nurses, took this opportunity to travel throughout the country to supply medicine, provide food supplies and help people in need of urgent medical care.

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