Community Transformed by Living Water
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Woman retrieves Clean Water from Jesus Well.

Jesus Wells bring joy to entire communities.

March 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 3

Community Transformed by Living Water

Miron, a farmer and daily labourer, needed to stay healthy to provide for his family. Yet, once again, his body was swollen and refused to function properly. Miron’s wife and three children also suffered from various illnesses, many of them from the same cause: unclean water.

Family Seeks Health

Living in a remote area, the only water source for Miron’s family was an open well, unprotected from contaminants that might cause illness. Neighbours suggested the family visit witch doctors to seek a cure for their sickness, but the visits only drained their few resources and pushed them into poverty.

Still, Miron sought a solution. He asked GFA pastor Parley, who served in his sister’s village, to visit his home for prayer.

As Pastor Parley shared from God’s Word, light began to pierce the darkness of Miron’s life. As Pastor Parley prayed, the clutches of sickness loosened. Pastor Parley continued to visit Miron and his family and pray for them, and over time, they recovered from their sicknesses. The entire family embraced Christ’s light and love in their lives. They also welcomed Pastor Parley to lead a prayer meeting in their home every week.

But a potent need remained. Seeing the dirty water the family drank, Pastor Parley was burdened by their need for clean water. They needed a Jesus Well.

Well Springs Joy, Change

Woman retrieves Clean Water from Jesus Well.

Jesus Wells bring joy to entire communities.

In awe of the well’s installation, Miron’s faith increased, and he joyfully shared the news of this miracle with his neighbours. Joy spread with the news as 75 families who had previously struggled for water gained access to an ample supply of clean water.

The prayer meeting led by Pastor Parley grew, and so did the number of miracles as people were healed from various ailments. The Jesus Well became a resource for the community that drew many to also drink of the Living Water, transforming lives.

Thanks to donors like you, Jesus Wells are transforming lives as they provide life-giving water and point to the Living Water of Christ.

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