Mother Learns to Read of God’s Love
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Four women reading the Bible during a GFA World Women's Literacy class.

A literacy class like the one Genai attended

March 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 3

Mother Learns to Read of God’s Love

Genai sat among other women, much like her, all awaiting the start of something new. They may have had different stories or situations, but they all bore the same burden: None could read or write. But that was about to change.

Searching for Peace

Home had been no place of peace or comfort for Genai. Her father would return home from work drunk—and angry. Arguments were commonplace; hateful words flung about frequently. Genai’s younger brother, however, was showered with love and affection, while Genai felt neglected. Why was Genai treated with less care, simply because she was a girl?

There was no love for Genai, so she left.

Genai eloped and married a local carpenter—her way of escaping her family. As the years passed, and Genai gave birth to two children, the young mother still lacked the love she wanted. Through her situation was different, it seemed peace still was out of Genai’s reach.

Literacy Class Opens Door

A cause of the turmoil in Genai’s life was her lack of education. Like many in her community, Genai did not possess much schooling. Having been pulled out of school at a young age, Genai lacked the prospects to earn a better life. For every extra year of schooling, there is a 9-percent increase in hourly earnings.

To that end, GFA missionaries raise awareness of the power of education and organize literacy programs in their areas, inviting those they know would benefit the most—such as Genai.

GFA missionary Rianon organized a literacy program in Genai’s village. When Genai learned there was an opportunity for her to read and write, she joined the program. Excitement filled her as the missionary and other GFA workers handed her a book to help her read and write. Thoughts of finally being able to read and write danced in Genai’s mind. Rianon’s encouragement only fueled the young mother’s excitement. Finally, things seemed to be brightening. Maybe Genai had a chance at peace in her life after all.

Reading of God’s Love Herself

Genai delved into her literacy lessons, joining her son as he worked on his homework. From time to time, Rianon visited Genai to provide the young mother with direction and encouragement. With each visit, Rianon offered Christ’s love; she wanted Genai to experience His care.

One day, Genai took some small booklets from Rianon. Still in the beginning of her literacy journey, Genai was excited to read them, eager to put her newfound skills to the test.

As the mother opened the booklets, she realized they held the same message of hope and love Rianon had shared with her numerous times before. She felt noticeably lighter in spirit as she read. In the past, whenever Rianon had shared of Christ’s love, Genai hadn’t fully believed what Rianon was sharing. She paid rapt attention, but never fully committed it to heart.

What Genai read confirmed that, indeed, God loved the world so much that He sent His Son to die for all people—for her.

Newfound Faith, Hope

Four women reading the Bible during a GFA World Women's Literacy class.

A literacy class like the one Genai attended

With Rianon’s continued visits, Genai slowly realized the truth behind what she had read and heard. God loved her, and despite whatever may come her way, she could put her trust in Him. Perhaps this was the peace Genai had long desired.

Through Rianon’s friendship and through her newly possessed power to read and write, Genai knew she was cherished by God. Now she follows Him and teaches her children about Him.

Because of GFA World’s literacy program, women like Genai are gaining an opportunity long denied them. Thank you for helping these women to gain skills they can pass on to the next generation.

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