A Struggling Girl Learns to Thrive
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Two girls smile for the camera.

GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program offers hope to girls who may otherwise have few opportunities to thrive and learn.

April 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 4

A Struggling Girl Learns to Thrive

Perhaps Aliyah sighed as she stared at her homework. She wanted to do well, but her studies seemed nearly impossible. Who knew first grade could be so difficult?

A Struggle to Learn

Aliyah’s parents were poor and uneducated. They struggled to provide for Aliyah’s tuition and other school supplies. Without the proper tools or help she needed to succeed in her studies, Aliyah’s future seemed bleak.

Renuka, Aliyah’s mother, sorrowfully watched her daughter strive in vain. The troubled mother wished they could do more, but they were powerless to help. Was Aliyah destined for a life of poverty as well?

Then Renuka heard of GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, which provided free tuition and supplies to children in need in her community. Would they help Aliyah? Renuka hurried to meet with the program staff and poured out her plight. Perhaps she even pleaded with them, but pleading was unnecessary. The staff responded with compassion and soon enrolled Aliyah in the sponsorship program. A ray of hope broke through the clouds, hope for a better future.

Learning to Excel

Aliyah took advantage of the opportunity. She continued to work hard in her studies, but now she had help. With the guidance of GFA program staff and the materials she needed, Aliyah began to excel. The staff cultivated the brilliance within the young girl, and her grades soared. Now a teenager, Aliyah’s future has never been brighter.

Her mother is grateful for the opportunities Aliyah received, opportunities Renuka and her husband were unable to give her.

“I am happy to see my daughter doing well in her studies,” Renuka said. “She has not only learned from her books, but she has developed good habits. Thanks [to the program staff] for [their] love, care, help and kindness towards my daughter. Because of [their] love and encouragement, my daughter is happy and doing well.”

Thank you for helping children like Aliyah obtain hope for their future!

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