The Missing Peace
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Odis and his family.

Odis and his family (pictured) were drawn to Christ by seeing the witness of GFA pastor Aero.

April 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 4

The Missing Peace

Odis had built a comfortable life for himself and his family. He owned a bit of land where he raised vegetables to sell in the local market. To supplement his income, Odis often caught fish and sold those as well. His family was fed, and his two boys attended school. Their needs were met. Still, even though the family performed religious rituals to please their traditional gods and they hoped for continued success, something was missing.

A Life-Changing Visit

One day, local GFA pastor Aero visited Odis. The pastor was respected and well known in the community for his wise counsel and good works. Perhaps Odis knew Pastor Aero by reputation, but as the two men held a long conversation, Odis grew to know him personally, and something about the other man intrigued him.

There was something different about the smiling Pastor Aero. He was full of joy and grace, qualities lacking in Odis’ other neighbours. The pastor’s words and spirit inspired Odis; he yearned to know more.

After that visit, Odis frequently welcomed Pastor Aero and other believers into his home for prayer. The believers also discussed the truths found within God’s Word.

The conversations stirred Odis’s heart until he could no longer contain his curiosity. He had to ask Pastor Aero more about his beliefs. Pastor Aero explained to Odis the hope found in Jesus. Light shone in Odis’ heart, and he began to share what he had learned with his family members.

Soon, they listened to Pastor Aero as a family, enraptured by the Living Word. Their souls drank deeply as Pastor Aero poured out Living Water, refreshing and nourishing them. The family slowly put aside their traditional religious practices. Instead, they conducted family prayer meetings in their home and became regular participants in Pastor Aero’s church.

“By following Jesus Christ, we as a family could receive peace and joy in our hearts,” Odis said. “How blessed we are! We as a family will share the salvation experience to non-Christians so that they will also experience the same love of Jesus in their lives.”

Odis and his family.

Odis and his family (pictured) were drawn to Christ by seeing the witness of GFA pastor Aero.

Odis and his family have found what was missing in life, and they will never be the same.

National missionaries such as Pastor Aero impact their communities with Christ’s love. They compassionately and diligently share the hope of Jesus with people who have yet to hear. The lives of people like Odis and his family are being transformed as a result. This ministry would not be possible without the support of donors like you.

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