Pray for God’s Mercy upon Myanmar
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

people in line in myanmar wearing masks

People in Myanmar in desperate need of help during the COVID 19 pandemic.

July 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 5

Pray for God’s Mercy upon Myanmar

Today, untold millions in Myanmar (population 55 million) live with indescribable suffering. The pandemic and a civil war have gripped the land, leaving people stranded. Shootings, bombings, killings and the burning down of houses have become continual. The heartbreaking situation is only worsening, and families from GFA World churches are not far from it.

A few months ago, more than 600 of these families in one district were driven out by force; houses and church buildings were destroyed. Thousands of precious believers are scattered in forests and other hiding places to survive. By God’s mercy, GFA missionaries continue to provide rice and other basic needs to sustain these believers and their families. We thank God for the generous help that is given to relieve the untold suffering in this land. Pray for God to intervene and bring peace to this nation.

people carrying supplies they received as aid.

As COVID-19 and political upheaval have taken lives, GFA missionaries in Myanmar have been providing vitally needed food and medical supplies to suffering communities (pictured).

In South Myanmar, GFA World churches have actively helped distribute COVID-19 kits containing items such as PPE uniforms, gloves, hand sanitizer, oxygen cylinders and concentrators, face shields, surgical caps and masks to hospitals and communities. Through the COVID Care Center, hundreds of COVID-19 patients are receiving care. Vaccinations are also provided as they are available.

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