Blanket Brings Transformation
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A Family that struggled to stay warm before receiving a warm blanket from a GFA World gift distribution.

Kajsa and her family (pictured) suffered during cold nights—until they received a thick blanket from GFA pastor Madoc.

November 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 6

Blanket Brings Transformation

“I thank God for taking care of us and providing our needs, ...I am also grateful to Him for transforming my husband’s life.”

Kajsa had little protection from the cold. She worked hard as a domestic worker just to put one meager meal on the table every day. With seven mouths to feed and her husband, Jadon, using precious income to feed his alcohol addiction, there were no funds for warm clothing or a decent blanket. Instead, Kajsa and her children were left to shiver.

Day in and day out, Kajsa labored in other people’s houses. She washed. She swept. She mopped. All for paltry wages in hopes to provide for her family. There seemed to be no hope in sight.

A Blanket of Change

One day, GFA pastor Madoc visited Kajsa’s village. Everywhere he looked, Pastor Madoc saw signs of destitution. The people were illiterate. Very few people owned land. Instead, they toiled as daily wage laborers and struggled to meet their families’ needs. Pastor Madoc pondered what he could do to relieve their burden.

Perhaps he saw people shivering. Perhaps it was divine insight. But Pastor Madoc knew one way to help this community—blankets. Pastor Madoc returned with stacks of blankets to distribute to those in need.

Kajsa was one of those who received a blanket. The beautiful blanket filled her heart with joy. Happily, she carried her gift home and shared the good news with her family, including Jadon.

Woman receives a blanket happily at a GFA World gift distribution.

Warm blankets can help protect the lives of families living in poverty.

As Pastor Madoc continued to visit the village and meet various needs, the pastor’s kindness impressed Jadon’s heart. It also brought conviction.

Jadon confessed to Pastor Madoc his shame: “You are a very good person who takes care of your family and helps others. … I have now realized how irresponsible I was, that I did not take care of my family properly, but you have opened my eyes. I need your help in overcoming my alcohol addiction.”

Pastor Madoc prayed for the father and encouraged him from God’s Word. With God’s help and the pastor’s counsel, Jadon overcame his alcohol addiction. He got a job and began providing for his family. He and Kajsa began attending church.

“I thank God for taking care of us and providing our needs,” Kajsa says. “I am also grateful to Him for transforming my husband’s life.”

Their family life has been completely changed, and it all started with the gift of a blanket—a gift of God’s love.

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