Hope Brighter Than a Kerosene Lamp
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

Girl in the child sponsorship program pictured in her uniform.

Because of God’s help through GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, Petria (pictured) excelled even amidst great hardships.

November 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 6

Hope Brighter Than a Kerosene Lamp

What did Petria dream about as she studied by the light of a kerosene lamp? The young girl didn’t envision much for herself beyond a life like her mother’s—a life of hard work, of toiling to put food on the table.

Petria and her family lived in a village that didn’t even have electricity until she was 10 years old. Her father worked as a carpenter, and her mother took care of the home. They struggled to make ends meet. Even if Petria had dreamed of going to college or aspiring to a certain career, it was unlikely she would achieve those things.

But when Petria got the chance to join GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, things changed. The program helped provide for Petria’s education and basic needs; she received academic support, school supplies and a nutritious daily meal. She developed an appetite for learning and writing. She enthusiastically participated in activities offered by the program, from athletics to art. One year, she won an award for practicing good hygiene. The next, she won an award in the Colours of Hope art competition. The girl was thriving, and her future looked brighter each day.

Girl receives a winter clothing packet along with school supplies to help her.

The child sponsorship program has changed thousands of kids’ lives by providing practical care, often in the form of school supplies, tutoring and nutritious food.

An Unexpected Challenge

Then the unexpected happened. In 2017, when Petria was in 10th grade, Petria’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The active student now needed to help her mother, even though she had important exams approaching. Still, Petria patiently cared for her mom, believing Jesus would heal her. Though Petria struggled to balance home responsibilities with schoolwork, she excelled in her exams. And Petria’s faith was not in vain—her mother’s health improved.

Petria and her family are grateful to the child sponsorship program and to its sponsors for all the help and encouragement they have received. Now, the girl who once studied by a kerosene lamp can dream of a life beyond poverty—a life full of promise and hope in Christ.

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