Young Man’s Curiosity Leads to Peace
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Man and GFA World Pastor

After seeing the church’s good works and befriending Pastor Rafael (pictured), Naim (pictured) decided to follow Christ.

November 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 6

Young Man’s Curiosity Leads to Peace

Perhaps Naim was bored. Perhaps he was curious. But one spontaneous decision to tag along with his friends would transform his whole life.

Naim had experienced much sadness and difficulty. He grew up with an alcoholic father, whose addiction and resulting illness burdened the family. With Naim’s father unable to work, they rarely had sufficient groceries or enough funds to pay basic bills. The father was also indebted to many people, further straining the family’s finances. Stress and anxiety filled their home.

One day, Naim happened to join some friends who were going to help set up for a GFA gift distribution. His friends greeted Pastor Rafael by saying, “Praise the Lord!” Naim was puzzled by this phrase and pondered its meaning.

Two days later, Naim attended the gift distribution program, where widows received clothing and impoverished people received income-generating gifts such as hand carts and goats. The display of love, care and good works he witnessed refreshed his spirit and impacted his heart.

His curiosity sparked, Naim spoke to Pastor Rafael, who explained the phrase “Praise the Lord.” Something drew the young man to the pastor, and Naim returned for multiple visits, sharing about his family situation and struggles. The pastor encouraged Naim, counseled him from God’s Word and prayed for him diligently.

Man and his family with a GFA World Pastor

After seeing the church’s good works and befriending Pastor Rafael (pictured), Naim (pictured) decided to follow Christ.

On Good Friday, Naim attended a program at Pastor Rafael’s church. When he walked through the doors, Naim was overwhelmed by God’s presence, and peace flooded his soul. The message about the cross, its power and Jesus’ love spoke directly to Naim’s heart, bringing peace and wholeness.

Pastor Rafael continued to offer Naim spiritual guidance and pray for him and his family. The Lord began to work in Naim’s life. Naim got a job as a coal worker, which enabled him to provide for his family and pay off their outstanding debts. Naim and his mother joyfully acknowledged God’s blessings in their lives. A huge burden had been lifted, and Naim rejoiced in a deep sense of comfort and belonging as he put his trust in Christ.

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