Life-Changing Words for a Drunk Man
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GFA Missionaries talking with woman.

GFA missionaries, like those pictured here, take time to talk with people eager to learn about Christ.

December 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 7

Life-Changing Words for a Drunk Man

Something happened in Riva’s mind and heart as her eyes scanned the words of a Man whose wisdom changed lives. As she read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, she learned of the God who taught people to love their neighbours, to forgive, to turn from sin. … Could this God change her life—and the life of her husband?

‘Coincidence’ Leads to Friendship

Riva and her husband, Pezi, had two children. Riva worked as an orderly in a school while Pezi worked as a truck driver to make ends meet. Pezi was often gone for days at a time, and the days he spent at home were not joyful. He was addicted to alcohol and fought with his wife whenever he was home.

Then, one day, a chance encounter made Riva question if things had to be this way. As she walked home from work, she and a man began talking. She discovered the man, GFA pastor Davin, lived only one kilometer from her. After Pastor Davin told Riva about the God he served, a God of love, she explained the sorrows her husband’s addiction had caused. Hearing this, Pastor Davin prayed for Riva, and hope welled in her heart. Maybe things could change in her family. She invited Pastor Davin to her home, and he prayed for Riva’s family. Before he left, he offered her a New Testament and encouraged her to read it each day. He also invited her to visit his church.

“We will pray, and God will change your family situation, especially the life of your husband,” Pastor Davin said.

But would Pezi’s life change?

The Power of Prayer and God’s Word

Riva had faith—or curiosity—enough to start reading the New Testament, hungry to know what answers it held. Soon, Riva started joining Sunday worship services and evening prayer meetings at Pastor Davin’s home. She also attended Women’s Fellowship meetings, and faith sprouted as she heard other women talk about all God had done in their lives. Eventually, Riva made a life-changing decision: She put her complete faith in Christ.

With her life now in His hands, Riva prayed for God to intervene in her family, too. Pastor Davin and his wife frequently visited Riva to join her in prayer.

One day, when Pastor Davin and his wife went to Riva’s house, they met Pezi—but he wasn’t in a state to be met. Maybe Pezi slurred his words. Perhaps he smelled of liquor. Whatever the clue, Pastor Davin quickly noticed Pezi was very drunk. Pastor Davin challenged Pezi’s out-of-control alcohol consumption.

“It is harmful to the body,” Pastor Davin said. “God has made our body perfectly well, and He dwells in us, but if we drink alcohol and smoke, then those things destroy our body.”

He prayed for Pezi to overcome his addiction and for God’s peace to reign in the home.

Instead of being hostile or defensive, Pezi listened to the pastor’s words. He also accepted Pastor Davin’s invitation to visit church with Riva the next day. When he did, a miracle happened.

Riva portrait

After talking with Pastor Davin, Riva (pictured) began to hope her husband could find freedom from his addiction.

“[For the] first time in life, I experienced some kind of peace,” Pezi told Pastor Davin. The pastor encouraged Pezi to visit again and offered him a New Testament, suggesting he read the Gospel of John.

Pezi did read it, and his life began to change as God’s Word transformed his heart and Riva, Pastor Davin, and the whole church prayed for him. Within two months, Pezi was sober.

Joy finally reigns in Riva and Pezi’s home. The couple and their two children are following Christ and growing in His love.

“I was addicted to alcohol for three years, but God helped me and has transformed my life,” Pezi says. “I do not know how I got rid of it, but I know one thing: that God has changed my life.”

The power of Scripture was instrumental in making this transformation possible. Thank you for providing copies of God’s Word to share hope with people in desperate need of new life!

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