A Higher Education Seemed Impossible for Him
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

December 2012 • Vol. 8, No. 8

A Higher Education Seemed Impossible for Him

Twelve-year-old Pachai didn’t speak or dress properly, and he suffered from poor health—most likely due to malnutrition.

As a laborer, Pachai’s father, Jacob, earned less than $2 a day, and he spent some of this income on alcohol and other addictive substances. Jacob’s meager earnings couldn’t provide for his five children, and most nights they went to bed with empty stomachs.

Because Jacob simply couldn’t afford to pay the school fees and supplies necessary for his children’s education, Pachai had an extremely slim chance of ever graduating from high school—until some Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope staff members visited his family.

From Shy to Successful

Seeing the family’s situation, the Bridge of Hope staff invited Pachai to enroll in the local center.

At first, Pachai didn’t know how to communicate with the teachers and other children, or perform some of the tasks the teachers asked him to do. These challenges left him feeling timid and insecure.

Over time, however, he encountered his Creator’s love. One day, his teacher shared the story of Jesus, awakening Pachai’s desire to learn about Him. When the Bridge of Hope staff spoke of Christ, he listened attentively, and he read the Bible and prayed. Over time, he memorized more than 150 proverbs from the Bible! Each day, he told his family what he’d learned at the center.

Through Bridge of Hope, he also excelled in his academic studies and even completed a basic course in typing and computer skills. One year, he held the highest rank in his class.

A New Family—and a Bright Future

Thankful to Bridge of Hope for their son’s success, Pachai’s parents desired to hear about the One driving the program. As they met with staff members and began attending Bridge of Hope programs, they listened excitedly to the message of new life in Christ.

One day, Jacob had the chance to attend a Bridge of Hope parents’ meeting discussing the dangers of substance abuse. Afterward, he asked God to forgive him for his addictions, and he found freedom from their grasp.

Jacob and his wife continued learning about God’s will for them as parents. The family started reading the Bible, praying together daily and attending the local Gospel for Asiasupported church. Seeing this, some relatives even embraced Jesus’ love.

Through Bridge of Hope, Pachai and his family have experienced the transformation—and hope—found in Christ. Despite Pachai’s childhood poverty and insecurity, he graduated from high school and now studies engineering in college, achieving a goal he had set before completing Bridge of Hope. He thanks God for His grace and the assistance of Bridge of Hope, knowing they have allowed him to become the man he is today.

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