No Longer Alone
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

December 2012 • Vol. 8, No. 8

No Longer Alone

Jaideep, 27, lived a lonely existence for nine years, toiling to provide for himself. He shares how God changed his life:

“I was born and brought up in a poor family. . . Though I was born and brought up in a Christian family, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus, and I was far away from the Lord.

“I do not have parents anymore. I had two brothers, but at the age of 18, they left me and went somewhere else. From that day onward, I have been living alone. I was doing labor work near my village. I toiled hard and came home late at night. My condition was pathetic; most of the times I slept without having any dinner. Only in the morning could I afford a proper meal.

“One evening while I was sitting at my home, a Gospel for Asia pastor visited me. He shared the hope found in Christ with me and prayed for me. He invited me to attend the worship service at his church. As I listened to the Word of God, I realized my need for salvation. I repented of my sins and chose to follow Jesus as my personal Savior. Ever since then, I have been attending the church and growing in the Lord.

“Through the help of Gospel for Asia, I got a cow and a calf for my survival. Really, I am very thankful to the leadership of Gospel for Asia . . . for blessing me with this special gift.”

Jaideep no longer strives for only one meal each day; he now earns a steady income from selling his cow’s milk. Restored by God’s grace, he also continues to participate faithfully in church activities.

Gospel for Asia ministry leaders were able to give Jaideep a cow and a calf, assisting him toward a brighter future, because donors like you purchased gifts from Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog. Through your generosity, Jaideep and thousands of others received Christmas gifts that filled them with the joy of our Savior’s birth—the Savior who is called “God with us.”

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