Forgotten No Longer
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 1

Forgotten No Longer

A hospital is welcomed in all parts of the world.

As the inauguration of Gospel for Asia’s new medical centre took place, the hundreds of people gathered saw it as a beacon of hope. This hospital will provide healthcare for 56 villages—including treatment and care to thousands affected by leprosy.

A Disease of Exiles

Leprosy, a bacterial disease that is easily cured if discovered and treated early, has dealt a devastating blow to these people. Shunned and ignored by society, they’ve had no treatment and little knowledge of how to properly care for leprosy. Because of this, many are disfigured or blind or have severe nerve damage. Others have lost loved ones to the disease.

Gospel for Asia began to work among the leprosy colonies in 2007. Through this ministry, leprosy patients receive a daily meal, tailor-made shoes, wound cleaning and education and awareness programs.

More than 30 workers serve the leprosy patients. Some come throughout the week and trim hair, nails and beards. They also bathe patients and do laundry for those who are unable to take care of themselves because they have lost their hands and fingers.

Gospel for Asia also opened a Bridge of Hope centre and 18 tutoring centres for the children of the leprosy patients. Through these practical and tangible expressions of Christ’s love, many are realizing and embracing the hope He gives.

These actions have not gone unnoticed by the government; several dignitaries attended the inauguration ceremonies and commended GFA for their compassion work. They also promised to help in the coming days.

Through your prayers and gifts to GFA’s Compassion Services, you are reaching the lepers, slum dwellers and those in need of medical and disaster relief.

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