The Only Tailor in Town
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 1

The Only Tailor in Town

He worked two jobs and was one of the most educated people in the village, but that didn’t keep Haamid and his family from the grip of poverty.

They barely had enough food to eat, and their small home was falling apart.

One year, though, Haamid’s church had a Christmas gift distribution program. And because Haamid had tailoring experience, he received a sewing machine so he could start his own business.

Previously, the nearest tailor had been more than six miles away, but when Haamid opened shop, everyone was excited to take their business to him. Soon, Haamid began earning enough money to quit his other jobs and fully focus on this new opportunity.

With his family’s needs met completely, Haamid shows his gratitude in his tithes and a desire to pass on his skills to others in the church. Words simply can’t express what God has done for his family.

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