Where's Your Church Located?
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 1

Where's Your Church Located?

Pastor Champak has a vision for his ministry. His mission field: a local prison.

Champak has had this prison on his heart for many years. He prayed and fasted and then approached the authorities for permission to visit with the prisoners, but they denied his request. However, Champak didn’t give up, but continued to ask the prison chief for an opportunity to minister to the prisoners. God rewarded his perseverance, and he was allowed to begin working with them. After Champak had been sharing the love of Jesus with the inmates for only a few days, God began moving in hearts and several prisoners decided to follow Him.

Pastor Champak continued to visit and encourage the prisoners daily. As they saw God’s love for them in action, many more decided to embrace Jesus.

Church Needed. Location: Prison.

The new believers soon had a dilemma. With their growing numbers, they needed a place to worship. Pastor Champak noticed there was a temple in the prison for worship of the gods and goddesses, and he wanted the believers to have a church building. He again took his burden to the Lord for direction. As he prayed, God gave him the courage to approach the authorities with another request: to build a church inside the prison. After a few months, they finally said yes.

God provided the funds through friends like you, and a church was built on the prison grounds. Pastor Champak now shares the Word of God with the inmates and seeks to meet their spiritual needs.

A Younger Generation Impacted

Champak’s ministry is not only touching prisoners, though. A small number of children live in the prison with their parents. Champak saw that these children were malnourished and weak, so he started bringing in fresh fruit and milk for them every day. He even brought in Christmas presents of notebooks, pens, dolls and bags for the children and supplied a computer and water pump for the inmates. The prisoners are extremely grateful. Pastor Champak knows it’s not because of him.

“I am very happy and thank God for opening the way for me to work among the prisoners,” Champak says. He desires to see the entire prison embrace the love of Jesus.

Your partnership with Gospel for Asia is opening up amazing doors for national missionaries like Champak to reach into the darkest places with the light of Christ.

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