Weapons Not of This World
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 2

Weapons Not of This World

“This is our weapon,” Sunil told the inspector. “By this we kill evil—not men.”

The police entering Sunil’s room interrupted his sleep. The small, quiet 19-year-old missionary had shown a film on the life of Jesus earlier that night, but he had not expected a raid.

The police gave no explanation as they took Sunil to the station. Another pastor, Tahir, had also been arrested, but neither man was told why. Both pastors spent the night in the jail before they were shown the case that had been brought against them.

As Sunil and Tahir heard their alleged crime, they were surprised. Someone had mailed in a complaint and claimed that the men had a revolver and three AK-47s in their possession. The police demanded Sunil reveal the location of the guns. Sunil didn’t hesitate to comply; he opened his bag and pulled out the only weapons he had: two Bibles.

“This is our weapon,” Sunil told the inspector. “By this we kill evil—not men.” Seeing the Bibles, a few officers began laughing, but the inspector, Rajan, was not amused.

Believers from the area rushed in to support Sunil and Tahir as soon as they learned of their arrest. They spoke on behalf of the pastors, but had to wait until further investigation was done.

As the case came together, both pastors were declared innocent. The accuser’s family expressed their apologies and dedicated a parcel of land to Pastor Tahir to construct a church building.

This wasn’t the only blessing God brought out of the ordeal. During the questioning, Sunil had an opportunity to present the Gospel to the police using a verse from Romans: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28, nkjv).

Hearing this, the inspector showed an interest in learning more about Jesus, so Pastor Tahir shared his own story with him. The testimony prompted the inspector to ask Tahir to come to his home and pray for his family. Pastor Tahir happily agreed and gathered a group of 25 believers from his church to go to Rajan’s home. After hearing the Gospel presented, Rajan is now very open to Christ.

Through your faithful support and prayers, these missionaries are able to stand strong for Christ in any situation, boldly declaring His name in spite of false accusations and imprisonment.

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