'Will Jesus Help Me Stop Using Alcohol?'
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 2

'Will Jesus Help Me Stop Using Alcohol?'

“Now they are talking to me and caring for me,” Shaunak says. “I thank the Lord Jesus for that.”

Shaunak’s life revolved around working and drinking.

Only 18 years old, the quiet young man had earned the resentment of his family because of his addiction. Shaunak had gravitated toward the destructive habit held by many other day labourers. Tired after long hours of work, he would spend his evenings drinking alcohol.

One day, as Gospel for Asia pastor Daiwik was handing out Christian literature and sharing about Jesus’love, he met Shaunak.

Shaunak wanted to know what Daiwik was doing, so Daiwik gladly told him—and then gave him a booklet and encouraged him to read it.

After their meeting, Daiwik went home with a burden to intercede for Shaunak. He and his wife began praying and fasting for the young man; they even asked the believers in their congregation to pray for him.

Questions Answered

The next time Shaunak and Daiwik crossed paths, it was obvious that God had been speaking to Shaunak. When he saw Daiwik talking to people one day, he approached the pastor and started asking the questions that had been burning in his heart since reading the booklet.

“Will Jesus forgive me?” he asked.“Will Jesus help me stop using alcohol?”

“If you put your faith in the Lord Jesus,” Daiwik told him, “He will surely forgive all your sins, and you will be a new creation in Him.”

The pastor invited Shaunak to visit the local fellowship and assured him God could transform his life.

“Your bad habits will change,” he said. “God loves you so much that He has given His life for you.”

Encouraged to hear this, Shaunak agreed to visit the church. As he learned more about Jesus, he decided to make Him the Lord of his life. God has indeed changed Shaunak’s life. Instead of drinking, Shaunak now reads God’s Word every day and faithfully participates in prayer meetings. Daiwik continues to visit Shaunak and pray for him. Meanwhile, the changes in Shaunak’s life have also brought joy to his family members.

“Now they are talking to me and caring for me,” Shaunak says. “I thank the Lord Jesus for that. ”Through one piece of Gospel literature, the Holy Spirit spoke to Shaunak’s heart, and now he is a new person.

“He has saved and changed me,”the young man testifies.

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