Saved from Her Nightmares
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 4

Saved from Her Nightmares

“Ramila is abnormal,” Malini, Ramila’s mother, told the staff. “She could be attacked by an evil spirit at any time.”

It’s not uncommon for children to have nightmares when they are young. It is, however, unusual for them to try to throw themselves off a roof because of the nightmares. But this is exactly what Ramila did.

Ramila had been possessed by an evil spirit from the time she was just a small child. Her parents were desperate to help her, but every shrine and temple they visited ended with the same result—she was still possessed.

Some staff members from the local Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope centre visited Ramila and her family.

“Ramila is abnormal,” Malini, Ramila’s mother, told the staff. “She could be attacked by an evil spirit at any time. It will be a problem for you to control her.”

Undeterred, the staff members shared with Ramila’s parents about Christ’s love and power over demons.

Jesus is Greater

Malini was eager to hear more, and she and Ramila began attending church together. Ramila’s father didn’t like them attending, though, and threatened to kick them out of the house if they continued.

“You are spoiling the family image by adopting another religion,” he told them.

Yet Malini and Ramila continued faithfully attending, even when he would beat them or not allow them to eat.

With the support of the Bridge of Hope staff, Ramila excelled in her studies. She was awarded first place in fifth-grade academics at school, and this marked a turning point in her father’s life. When he was invited to accept the award, he was so proud of her!

“You have brought honour to me,” he said.

His heart began softening toward Ramila and her mother.

In addition to helping Ramila thrive academically, the Bridge of Hope staff prayed for Ramila and her mother. Learning from their example, Ramila and her mother prayed constantly for deliverance from the demons. Hearing their faithful prayers, God freed Ramila from her affliction.

Now, Ramila’s whole family—including her father—is following Christ and witnessing His love in their community.

The Lord Brings Healing

In August 2012, Ramila was having stomach pains from a kidney stone. The doctor wanted to operate, but Ramila and her mother trusted the Lord would heal her and prayed continuously. She was released and has not had any more stomach pain.

“Now, wherever I go, I share this incident with others, so they will also know the love of God,” Ramila says.

She is planning to graduate from the Bridge of Hope in 2014 and begin Bible college. Most important, she has found freedom in Christ. And thanks to your prayers and support of the Bridge of Hope ministry, many other children have the same opportunity.

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