From Depression to Joy
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 5

From Depression to Joy

Gayana remembered clearly the feelings of depression that almost crushed her spirit.

She often used to wonder why she had to be born into her family—a family in which her father would get drunk every night and beat her mother. Because of his alcohol problem, he wasn’t even able to care for his family properly. Gayana and her four siblings knew they couldn’t do anything to help make the situation better.

All feelings of depression began to fade, however, when Gayana joined the Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope centre. She started attending Sunday school, and for the first time in her life, Gayana experienced God’s love. The Gospel songs and Bible stories she heard brought joy to her heart.

Soon Gayana asked Jesus to be her Saviour. Anxious to tell others about Him, she has become a positive influence in her family and to the other children in her village. She shares Christ’s love everywhere she goes. Gayana regularly attends Sunday school at the local GFA church, and her parents hope to start attending worship services there too.

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