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Twice the Mobility, Twice the Blessing

Pastor Jahansuz was the pastor of six fellowships in six different villages. The GFA-supported pastor tried to visit every believer, but the villages were in some of the most remote regions. As such, there was …

August 2019

Changed by Love, Empowered by a Bicycle

Pranita looked at her discouraging surroundings. Crowded houses, wailing children and hopeless adults greeted her tired eyes. She and her family live in one of Asia’s largest slums. Pranita’s family had moved to this slum …

January 2019

A Bike for a Pastor ...

GFA-supported pastor Bhupad had a long way to go. He wanted to meet the people in his village, and that meant walking. He wanted to pray with them and encourage the believers he knew, and …

January 2018

... and a Bike for a {% trans 'labor'|capfirst %}er

Nishat struggled to provide for his family. He worked hard every day he could, but as a day labourer, he struggled to find consistent work. That meant he often wasted precious time …

January 2018

105 Missionaries Receive Bicycles

Feet kick up clouds of dust along the road. The hot sun beats down, causing foreheads to shine with sweat. Some people walk miles for the exercise, but Gospel for Asia- supported missionaries walk miles …

January 2016

Short Stories

In every issue of Harvest, we want to help you see what you are part of through your prayers and support. We hope these short reports from the field give you quick glimpses into the …

January 2016

Saving a Child—and a Buffalo— With a Bicycle

When Gospel for Asia pastor Vikranta arrived in the small village, he knew where he was going and what to expect.

January 2015

K.P.’s Corner

I first rode a bicycle when I was 17 years old, and I have loved riding ever since.

January 2015

‘I Have Reached Many with the Good News by Using the Bicycle’

Gospel for Asia pastor Pavan ministers in multiple villages in a mountainous region of South Asia.The only reason he can do what he does is because of his bicycle. One village he ministers in is …

January 2014

It's a Jungle out There

Rasul had such a burden to share the love of Christ with the people of that village, but obstacles stood in his way. It’s difficult when you feel a calling in your heart from the …

June 2013

A Bicycle and Multiplication

Gospel for Asia pastor Dhumal Tambe is ready to do whatever it takes to shine the light of Christ among the unreached in his region. As he shares the Word of God and lives it …

January 2013

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