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A Church Is Born

Pastor Hardik and his wife, Aahna, dove into the Lord’s work after briefly settling into their new area of ministry. They prayed for the sick and suffering, shared Christian literature and …

December 2020

Song Leads Restless Wanderer Home

Manmohan traveled from place to place performing rituals to gain divine favour. He devoted himself to practices that promised peace. But peace eluded the 18-year-old. His constant companion …

August 2019

A Home of Their Own

Pastor Braiden and his wife, Phebe, have been serving the Lord for more than 10 years in the same place. Ministry was difficult at first, but God was faithful. Within a …

September 2018

A Church Built Through God’s Healing Hand

Raju rushed to Chinnam’s house with his 3-year-old son’s feverish body heavy in his arms. When this crisis came, he knew exactly where to go. The village had known for years …

August 2018

A Place for Prayer

It was 10:00 on Sunday morning. A crowd stood outside Htay Pyi’s house—fathers, mothers and bored-looking children, all wearing their Sunday best. They were waiting for Htay Pyi and his family …

February 2018

No Ordinary Building

Sweat dripped down Ekansh’s body as he dug a shovel into the ground. Earth begrudgingly gave way to his labours. But despite the difficulty, Ekansh and several others …

August 2017

A Crowd of Christians

There were so many Christians. They couldn’t fit. The small house was packed already, and it was only getting worse as more people experienced the Lord’s grace and power. When Ramani …

April 2017

No Room for Worship in the Bamboo Hut

Many congregations, such as the one pictured, suffer for lack of a church building. This one has to meet under a large tree. Pastor Syon clapped his hands and kept on singing. …

October 2016

Sewing Machine Helps in Time of Crisis

Murali and Tulika faced poverty every day. When they started attending a fellowship led by a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Tulika was able to sign up for a tailoring class at …

April 2016

Short Stories

New church buildings are inaugurated every year in South Asia through the prayers, support and generous donations of men and women like you. In this issue of Harvest, we want to share …

April 2016

A Church Building for Those Who Don’t Come

As the believers arrived, they sat down and filled the small room. More families came, looked inside and realized there was no room for them, so they took their seats outside …

April 2015

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