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Life-Changing Words for a Drunk Man

Something happened in Riva’s mind and heart as her eyes scanned the words of a Man whose wisdom changed lives. As she read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, she learned of the God who taught …

December 2022

As Daughter Reads, Father Finds Deliverance

It was a national holiday, so Siro had the day off from his job as a painter. When a strange man approached his door, he wasn’t yet ready to hear the message of hope the …

July 2022

Filling an Empty Heart with Peace

Faithful and hardworking were two words that could be used to describe Vedansh. Married with two children, Vedansh did all he could to provide for his family. Yet there was something missing from Vedansh’s life. …

December 2019

Driving Where Few Tread

A large gathering of about 200 people crowded to get a good view. It was a film, quite the rare sight in this rural community. This film, however, was a particularly special one. GFA-supported mobile …

May 2019

The Sickness that Seemed to Never End

Aahan read the promise from God’s Word, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). These words went deep …

August 2018

A Double Engagement

Belli was 19 years old, and despite all her visits to doctors and magicians, she hadn’t yet had a menstrual cycle. Multiple marriage proposals had been cancelled on the young woman when prospective bridegrooms heard …

February 2018

The Cure She Never Found

Kamna had spent a great amount of money on hospital bills, doctor visits, traditional medicines and home remedies, but nothing could cure her. Her body still bled. It was embarrassing, and there was nothing she …

October 2017

Finding Peace After Death and Addiction

Ellis felt a strange sense of peace come over him. The pastor had only spoken a few words to him, but they were enough. He hadn’t experienced such peace in what seemed like an eternity. …

August 2015

‘Chance’ Meeting Fulfills TwoWomen’s Longings

Smita immediately recognized the booklet two women handed her. Did these ladies have answers to her questions?

February 2015

Able to Read of God’s Love

Farah not only taught Shona to read but also shared about the Lord, telling her and the other women in their literacy class about His work in her life and His goodness toward her and …

August 2014

Tract Results in Life-Changing Phone Call

Seva, a wife and mother of four, shares the impact of one little piece of paper: “I had been suffering with typhoid for five years. For my treatment we had gone to doctors, but I …

June 2014

Single Mother Turned Prostitute Given New Life

With no one to turn to, Mayuri began selling her body, using the little she earned to feed her daughters. Mayuri’s father was a drunkard. Mayuri and her mother worked each day, and Mayuri’s father …

May 2014

Sewing in Due Time

Even though Minati was 45 years old, receiving a Christmas gift was still the highlight of her year. When Gospel for Asia presented her with a sewing machine, a very specific dream of hers finally …

May 2014

How an Argument Led to Salvation

Emaan had been ready for a good argument when Pastor Kavith showed up. As planned, Emaan began barraging Kavith with questions. But Emaan’s motivations were different than he had originally intended. When Gospel for Asia-supported …

September 2013

The Time Was Now

“Right after my mother’s death, I will choose to follow Christ as my Saviour,” Amol once told his wife, Mithi. Amol wasn’t ready to change, yet his alcoholism made life horrible for Mithi and their …

September 2013

Weapons Not of This World

“This is our weapon,” Sunil told the inspector. “By this we kill evil—not men.” The police gave no explanation as they took Sunil to the station. Another pastor, Tahir, had also been arrested, but neither …

February 2013

'Will Jesus Help Me Stop Using Alcohol?'

“Now they are talking to me and caring for me,” Shaunak says. “I thank the Lord Jesus for that.” Shaunak’s life revolved around working and drinking. Only 18 years old, the quiet young man had …

February 2013

Loving and Leading in the Slums

When Akshay Sharma moved away from home 14 years ago, he couldn’t imagine the impact he’d make on his new city. A Bridge of Hope project director, Akshay has a unique life story, but he …

January 2013

Healed in an Instant!

Pastor Sachh waited patiently. The ministry in this village had progressed slowly, and he longed to see a breakthrough in people’s hearts. Sachh knew God would be faithful to bring it to pass, but he …

December 2012

Transformed by the Word

The proprietor of a successful business, Nandak gave all the credit to his gods. There used to be little hope in Nandak’s life: his father had died when he was in the 10th grade, leaving …

December 2012

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