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Believers Denied Water

People in Pastor Jabez’s village were finding the life-changing love of Christ, and the congregation was growing. Along with their newfound joy, however, a new struggle arose—a struggle to provide for …

July 2020

Ending the Children’s Long Commute

Maala trotted along beside her mother. The sun warmed her face and back, subtly reminding her of the heat to come in the afternoon. After 30 minutes of walking, Maala presented the …

April 2020

Understanding What He Was Installing

Tanul’s hands wielded his tools with a strength and grace that made it evident he knew his craft of masonry well. But for as much skill as he had, he couldn’t …

June 2018

Opposition at Wedding Leads to Jesus Well

Before Jesus Wells are drilled, people in many communities gather water from ponds and rivers because they have no access to a clean, safe water source. For Christians in Muralee’s village, their …

April 2018

From Contention to Peace

Only one source of water for a community of 100-plus people simply wasn’t enough. GFA-supported pastor Dayal and his fellowship of 10 believers felt the lack. Families would often wait hours …

January 2018

He Didn’t Need to Say a Word

Tilak and his wife were happy again; no one could deny that. But some people in the village were anything but happy about the transformation in their lives. Villagers blamed the …

October 2017

Short Stories About Jesus Wells

Jesus Wells have the ability to transform villages, providing not only clean, fresh water but also the opportunity for people to find clean hearts and a fresh start at life in Jesus. …

April 2017

A Jesus Well Was the Ticket!

Even when no one wants to listen to them, pastors like Kundan are eager to help their communities with their daily problems, such as the lack of clean water. This well, like …

December 2016

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