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What Does Leprosy Look Like?

Bryn once begged on the streets, arousing sympathy as passersby gawked at her disfigured limbs, but now she lives in a small room in a leprosy colony. Over the years, Bryn’s disease ravaged her body, …

February 2021

Wounds of Leprosy Healed

Leprosy. The very word carries a certain stigma and arouses apprehension in Asia, as if merely uttering it could expose you to the disease. Those affected by leprosy are often feared …

February 2020

Covered by Love

Wind whipped through the plastic sheets, lifting them to the sky as they strained against the bamboo frame. Huddled inside the small, sparsely thatched structure, Kajri shielded herself from the sharp wind as her plastic …

January 2019

Disfiguring Disease Leads to Life

She had only been married a few days. What should have been one of the best times of her life was suddenly marred by a strange condition in her leg. Yoshita, only 25, had contracted …

February 2018

A Secret Changes Child Bride's Life

Kishori married when she was only 7 years old, not knowing her in-laws had a life-altering secret. When Kishori began living with her new family, she found out her mother-in-law and father-in-law had leprosy—a disease …

September 2014

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